UPDATE EARTH Competition is one of the largest business competitions in Japan. It's open to people of various ages and business backgrounds, from students to entrepreneurs, and consists of two categories: the NIPPON INNOVATION AWARD and the NIPPON INNOVATION TRYOUT. It aims to discover and support the development of new innovative human resources and reserves, as well as to create unprecedented business ideas by increasing opportunities for matching various players and companies, expanding public recognition and cultivation of entrepreneurs, and acquiring PR opportunities. In collaboration with innovation awards and contests throughout Japan, we will invite prominent entrepreneurs, investors, supporters, and judges who are active worldwide to present awards to the most notable entrepreneurs and startups in Japan today. In addition, the event facilitates networking opportunities will be provided for attendees and speakers on the day of the event, with the aim of further revitalizing Japan's innovation scene.
Uncovering business ideas
We are looking for business ideas that have the potential to "UPDATE the Earth".
Details of Application
  • Unique ideas that have the potential to have a significant impact on society in space, agriculture,education, sports, medicine, food, tourism, environment, security, ICT, web3, metaverse/XR, local revitalization, and so on.
  • Innovative technologies by you or your organization
  • Issues and solutions to global problems that you have discovered.
  • etc.
  • Eligible applicants
    Individuals, organizations, start-ups, etc. (regardless of age or position) who are innovators with ideas or technologies that aim to UPDATE the planet.
    Award Prizes
  • Grand Prize 10 million yen
  • Cooperation with the adopted project
  • Sponsor Prize Depends on each prize
  • Area Prizes Depends on each area
  • Awards from the Cooperation Contest
  • Recommendation
    The NIPPON INNOVATION AWARD also accepts applications for recommendation. If you know of an individual, group, or corporation with a breakthrough business idea, please click the “Recommend” button below and enter the candidate’s information.
    We will also recognize individuals and organizations that support innovators. If you know of any supporters who have been involved in the Innovators’ activities or who have helped the Innovators in the past, please fill out the form when submitting your nomination. You can fill out the form by clicking the “Apply” button or “Recommend” button below.

    You can also use this form to recommend a supporter who has already applied in a different category.
    Business Development Support
    For "Born Global Entrepreneurs" we are committed to providing a conducive business growth environment, and offer a variety of business growth support such as investment and PR to ensure their success.
    Details of Application
  • Solutions and business plans for issues that have a significant impact on society on a global scale
  • Business plans that give form to challenging ideas that bring about disruptive innovation
  • etc.
  • Eligible applicants
  • Startups and entrepreneurs who wish to represent Japan in the global UPDATE and wish to receive investment and business development support. TRYOUT Support
  • TRYOUT Support
  • Development support 5-30 million yen, total amount of 300 million yen (planned)
  • Preferential investment negotiation rights for UPDATE EARTH membership companies
  • Commercialization/Growth Support

  • Recommendation
    NIPPON INNOVATION TRYOUT also accepts nomination applications. If you know of a startup or prospective startup that has the ambition to represent Japan in UPDATE EARTH and would like to invest in or support its business development, please click the “Recommend” button below and enter the candidate’s information. We will also recognize individuals and organizations that support innovators. If you have any supporters whom you would like to nominate, such as those who have been involved with the company on a regular basis, or those who have helped the company in the past, please fill out the form when applying. You can fill out the form by clicking the “Apply” button or “Recommend” button below.
    You can also use this form to recommend a supporter who has already applied in a different category.
    Supporters' Recommendation
    We accept nominations from supporters (individuals, companies, organizations, local governments, etc.) who support innovators and contribute to the UPDATE of the planet. If you have any supporters around you that you would like to nominate, such as people you are involved with or have helped in the past, please fill out the form when applying for the program.
    Eligible applicants
  • We accept nominations from supporters (individuals, companies, organizations, local governments, etc.) who support innovators and contribute to the UPDATE of the Earth. If you have any supporters around you that you would like to nominate, such as someone you are involved with or have helped in the past, please fill out the form when submitting your application.
  • スケジュール
    Please check each category section for details. Please understand that the schedule may change without notice.
    福田 正
    大阪府生まれ。米Boston College卒業。コンピュータ・サイエンスを学ぶ。食品メーカーを経て、障害者のコンピュータ利用の支援事業などにかかわる。
    石井 芳明
    経済産業省にてスタートアップ政策、中小企業政策などに従事。日本スタートアップ大賞、J-Startup、始動Next Innovator、SBIR制度見直し、スタートアップ・エコシステム拠点都市、LLC/LLP法制、など、各種政策プログラムの創設を担当。スタートアップ育成5か年計画の策定にも参画。2023年7月より現職にてスタートアップ支援の実施を強化中。早稲田大学大学院商学研究科修了。博士(商学)。
    各務 茂夫
    東京大学 大学院工学系研究科/教授
    一橋大学卒、スイスIMD経営学修士(MBA)、米国ケースウェスタンリザーブ大学経営学博士。ボストンコンサルティンググループを経て、1986年コーポレイトディレクション(CDI)の設立に参画、取締役主幹等歴任。2004年東京大学 教授 産学連携本部事業化推進部長。東京大学エッジキャピタル監査役(~2013年3月)、2013年東京大学教授・イノベーション推進部長。2020年4月から現職。大学発ベンチャー支援・育成、アントレプレナーシップ教育に従事する。2005年、「東京大学アントレプレナー道場」を開講。一般社団法人日本ベンチャー学会会長。NPO法人アイセック・ジャパン会長。
    田中 仁
    株式会社ジンズホールディングス代表取締役CEO 一般財団法人田中仁財団代表理事 1963年群馬県生まれ 1988年有限会社ジェイアイエヌ(現:株式会社ジンズホールディングス)を設立し、2001年アイウエア事業「JINS」を開始。2013年東京証券取引所第一部に上場(2022年4月から東京証券取引所プライム市場)。2014年群馬県の地域活性化支援のため「田中仁財団」を設立し、起業家支援プロジェクト「群馬イノベーションアワード」「群馬イノベーションスクール」を開始。現在は前橋市中心街の活性化にも携わる。
    藤本 あゆみ
    Plug and Play Japan株式会社/執行役員CMO
    一般社団法人スタートアップエコシステム協会/代表理事, 文部科学省/起業家教育推進大使
    内閣府/規制改革推進会議 スタートアップ投資ワーキンググループ専門委員
    2002年キャリアデザインセンター入社、2007年4月グーグルに転職し、人材業界担当統括部長を歴任。「Women Will Project」のパートナー担当を経て、同社退社後2016年5月、一般社団法人at Will Workを設立。その後株式会社お金のデザインを経てPlug and Play Japan株式会社にてマーケティング/PRを統括。2022年3月に一般社団法人スタートアップエコシステム協会を設立、代表理事に就任。米国ミネルバ認定講師。文部科学省起業家教育推進大使、内閣府規制改革推進会議スタートアップ・投資ワーキンググループ専門委員。
    星 直人
    ユニファ株式会社/取締役CFO, 一般社団法人インパクトスタートアップ協会/代表理事
    コクヨ株式会社/財務戦略アドバイザー, 東京都スタートアップ戦略フェロー
    水本 尚宏
    東京大学協創プラットフォーム開発株式会社, パートナー(AOI1号CIO)
    2017年より東大IPCに参加。IT・サービス系ベンチャーへの投資、起業支援プログラムのプログラムを管掌。 ・大和SMBCキャピタル(現、大和企業投資)にてIT・医療などハイテク分野へのベンチャー投資を経験後、昭和シェル石油に転職。タスクフォースリーダーとして決済プロジェクト、新電力プロジェクト、店舗のデジタルトランスフォーメーションなど、新サービス企画から市場導入まで主導。2017年1月より東大IPCにて再度ベンチャー投資業務を担当しつつ、1stRoundを創設。その後、AOIファンドを立ち上げた。 ・京都大学院修了(技術経営学)、弁理士試験最終合格(2004年)
  • The applicant must be able to participate in the entire judging process and the award ceremony to be held on March 2, 2024.
  • The applicant must not be a company, organization, or individual whose activities are deemed unsuitable for support, such as those that are offensive to public order and morals. Inappropriate cases include the following
    Exclusion of Anti Social Forces 1. “Anti Social Forces” means:
    (1) an organized crime group, a member of an organized crime group, a related company or association of an organized crime group, and any other equivalent person of above; or
    (2) a person who themselves or through the use of third parties conducts a demand with violence, an unreasonable demand beyond its legal entitlement, use of intimidating words or actions, damages the credit or obstructs the business of the other party by spreading false rumors or by the use of fraudulent, or any other equivalent actions of above.
    2. Each party represents and warrants that is not a person who has fallen and shall not fall under any of the followings:
    (1) the Anti Social Forces;
    (2) a person having such relationship with the Anti Social Forces that shows the Anti Social Forces’ substantial involvement in the person’s management;
    (3) a person having such relationship with the Anti Social Forces that shows reliance on the Anti Social Forces;
    (4) a person who cooperate and is involved with the maintenance or operation of any Anti social Forces by providing funding to any Anti Social Forces or any similar act; or
    (5) a person who is engaged in a socially condemnable relationship with the Anti Social Forces.
  • If the AWARD recipient or TRYOUT winner is a minor, the consent of his/her parent or guardian must be obtained. The secretariat will assist the applicant in obtaining the consent of the guardian or custodian, if any coordination with them is necessary.
  • Application form entries and submitted materials must be complete.
  • Application and materials must be submitted by the application deadline.
  • Agreement to the policies regarding personal information, intellectual property rights, and portrait rights of publicity.
  • 注意事項
    Points to be Noted Concerning Selection, etc.
    (1) Uniqueness of Application and Project Content
    The plagiarism or infringement of third-party ideas or intellectual property is strictly prohibited during any period of time related to this project. From the application stage, please be aware of the need to exercise due caution regarding the plagiarism and infringement of third-party ideas and intellectual property.

    (2) Fraud
    The term “fraud” as used in this project refers to all activities that are in violation of general laws and regulations. For example, using goods provided for research and development for purposes other than those for which they were intended is considered fraudulent.

    (3) Obligation to cooperate in surveys after the support period ends
    In order to improve the future development of the program, there is a possibility that a survey will be conducted on the status of startups and businesses status of the awardees for approximately five years after the support period.
    We kindly request the awardees to cooperate with this survey.

    (4) Notes on Application Contents
    Please do not submit any information or content that you wish to keep confidential.
    Handling of
    Personal Information
  • Personal information registered with us will be used only for the purpose of communicating with you about this project, and to inform you of future events related to services provided by the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Your name and photo may appear on the event’s website and related promotional materials for publicity purposes. Thank you for understanding.
  • Such information and content will be handled in accordance with the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group’s privacy policy and will not be provided to any third party without the consent of the individual concerned.
  • Please refer to the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group’s privacy policy at

  • Intellectual Property Rights and Copyrights
  • Intellectual property rights and copyrights related to the application belong to the applicant, but the applicant shall agree that the title of the application proposal and the name and outline of the project, as well as the name and affiliation of the applicant, may be made public on the official website or other media at the time of the announcement of nominations.
  • When submitting a proposal, it is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm in advance the rights and other related matters and to carry out protective procedures. (The organizer and secretariat will not be held responsible for any problems related to rights.)
  • If there is any suspicion of infringement of the intellectual property rights of others, or if such infringement is discovered, the award may be revoked.

  • Rights of Publicity
  • All photographs, videos, and recordings taken during the event scheduled for March 2, 2024, to announce the winners and present awards belong to the organizers. These materials may be published on Internet sites, newspapers, magazines, and TV programs. Participants are deemed to have agreed to the filming and publication of their photographs and videos before participating in the event.

  • Cancellation of Participation and Awards
  • If, during participation (application) in the Competition or after receiving an award, the Organizer discovers facts that make the Participant unsuitable for participation or award winner in the UPDATE EARTH, NIPPON INNOVATION AWARD, or NIPPON INNOVATION TRYOUT, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel the participation or revoke the award.
  • FAQ

    A. UPDATE EARTH offers entrepreneurship training courses for individuals across various age groups, including children, students (elementary, junior high, high school and university), and working adults throughout Japan. It aims to expand the foundation for entrepreneurship and collaborates with various innovation awards and business contests to gather diverse business ideas nationwide. Additionally, We provide a comprehensive support services, from identifying potential entrepreneurs to nurturing and supporting them.

    A. We offer entrepreneurship courses to over 100 high schools and universities.

    A. NIPPON INNOVATION AWARD focuses on revolutionary ideas for the earth, whereas NIPPON INNOVATION TRYOUT includes the submission of a business plan.

    A. No, There is no requirement for a specific business domain as long as it is a viable business idea. We welcome ideas and business plans in all genres, including space, agriculture/fishing, education, sports, medicine, food, tourism, environment, security, ICT, web3, metaverse/XR, regional revitalization, and more.

    A. Participation is free of charge.

    A. During the review process, you may be asked to revise your application or provide additional information, schedule an interview, or respond to an interview survey. If you are selected, for an award, your participation in the award ceremony will be requested.

    A. Yes, please fill out the form for both NIPPON INNOVATION AWARD and NIPPON INNOVATION TRYOUT.

    A. Yes, it is possible. Please fill out the supporter nomination form.

    A. Yes.

    A. If you need to revise your submission, or add or replace materials, please submit the correct information. Additionally, submit the contact form with the following details:
     ・Number to be invalidated
     ・Number to be validated
     ・Application title
     ・Your name
     ・Telephone number

    A. If you have any questions about cancellation, please contact us using the inquiry form with the following information.
     ・Reception number and proposal title to be cancelled
     ・Your name
     ・Telephone number

    A. Please submit separate forms for each idea.

    A. Yes, if you plan to start a business and can submit a business plan.

    A. Please contact us using the Contact form.
    UPDATE EARTH Foundation UPDATE EARTH Competition Secretariat